Handing over keys for holiday homes and guesthouses – handing keys over to guests using the masunt Key safe

Do you own a holiday home or guesthouse, or do you provide an accommodation service? Then you’ll be familiar with the situation of guests arriving in the middle of the night or being late. Or you might not be able to hand the keys over as agreed due to an appointment, or maybe even because you don’t stay in the direct vicinity of the accommodation.

There’s now a solution for these circumstances: the masunt Key safe

masunt Key Safe Schlüsselsafe masunt Key safe for securely handing keys over to guests

Enable secure and convenient key handover – either manually on the device or electronically from a remote location with an online code

Your guests can simply take the keys for their holiday home or guesthouse from the key safe once you’ve sent them the individual numerical code. In addition to manual operation directly on the device, our product has a new technical feature for this very purpose. Codes can now be generated online via a web platform – and the safe itself doesn’t even have to have an Internet connection! As a result, codes can be sent to your guests by email or text message. Find out exactly how it works here:

Video: „The masunt Key safe“

The masunt key safe for handing keys over to late arrivals was specially developed for holiday homes.

The device is designed for outdoor use and doesn’t need a power connection!

Featuring three hooks and an interior storage compartment, the safe offers plenty of space so you can welcome late arrivals with keys, key cards or a welcome message in the form of a folded letter, for example.

Many owners of holiday homes and guesthouses are already using our key safe to hand keys over to holidaymakers:


You too can use our solution to boost both customer satisfaction and your turnover and to save time!

Are you in charge of larger buildings, or do you run a hotel and have to hand over keys several times per day or have several late arrivals per night? The masunt Key safe is also available as a four-box variant.